Barbara Brock


Professional Organizing

Professional organizing is a service that helps individuals, households or businesses declutter and streamline their physical spaces for improved efficient and functionality.  Professional organizers re experts in creatin organized systems and eliminating chaos from working and living environments.  We work closely with clients to assess their needs, develop personalized organizing strategies, and assist on implement solutions.  Clutter creates chaos and life leaves little time for organizing. Identifying a place for different categories is like a space plan or an architectural plan.  A space plan takes into consideration everyday habits, amount of space and categorizes your belongings and furnishings. Having an organized home, allows all people in the household to know where to put items when they are cleaning up.


  1. Remove items from space
  2. Sort all items into like in kind
  3. Edit items into KEEP, MAYBE, TOSS, CHARITY/SELL
  4. Decide on what you’d like to put back
  5. Get the right container, box, bin, hook
  6. Put items back into the space